Star of the Flying Circus: Ruby Throat Male

There is a flying circus in my backyard, and I spend some time each day just sitting and watching, usually with my camera. There are at least four little ruby throat hummingbirds coming and going, feasting on the bright red monarda blooms.

The flying circus is accompanied by a lot of sounds. First, there is the hum of their wings, which sounds like there are itty bitty light saber battles going on. And then there are the chirps and squeaks the birds make as they fly and challenge and attack and chase each other up, up, up into the sky.

It tickles me when one of the little birds sits down for a minute. It is cute, and it definitely makes them easier to photograph! There is a trellis in Gremlin's Meadow, and this little ruby throat male (you know it's a male because you can see its bright red gorget) sat down on it to pose for me. He is typically one of the most vocal of the whole lot of them.

On a day when the chirps and squeaks of the little birds almost sounded like battle cries, here is my song: Billy Idol, with Rebel Yell.

P.S. I ran back in later to add this: just LOOK at those adorable itty bitty FEETS, holding on!!!! Gah!!! So cute. SqueeeEEEeeeEEE!!! *thud!*

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