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By TheHazylandBoys

A long day

Helle rang this morning. Jazz was poorly and she was very worried. 

We met up in Ringsted and took the dogs for a walk whilst we waited to get in touch with the vet. 

Helle's usual vet referred Jazz to an Animal Hospital, which gave us more waiting time, so after our walk, we had coffee in a cafe in Ringsted and finally the we got in touch with the Animal Hospital and luckily they had time to see us.

So we drove 45 mins to Faxe Animal Hospital. 

It turned out that Jazz has Idiopathic trigeminal neuritis - also referred to as "dropped jaw syndrome." The symptoms of this syndrome is that she can't close her mouth and her oral motor skills doesn't work. She drools, can't drink water and struggle getting food over the back of the tongue. 

The good news is that trigeminal neuritis is not painful and resolves on its own, often in three or four weeks, but until then Helle must help her eat and drink, which I think will be a big job.

I have never heard about this syndrome before and it looked really scary, Poor Jazz, but luckily she will be ok again. 

Helle and I had lunch (at 2 pm - we were both starving) and then I met with my sister and nephew in Roskilde. We had ice cream and took the dogs for a walk. 

I was home at 7 pm - a long day... I am exhausted. Sadly Tango isn't ;-)

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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