By Missycat

Day 123 Patterns

Today's Abstract Thursday theme, set by our regular host Ingeborg, is Pattern.  I have made mine from a shot of an osteospermum flower which I've recoloured several different ways in PS Elements and then made the repeat pattern in Picasa collage maker.  The osteospermum plant is one of several plants bought yesterday to replace the dying pansies in our front doorstep planters.
Today was a big day for me as finally I got to meet B, my lovely beautician, who came to do my mani and pedi for the first time since March.  I usually visit the salon to see her, but such is the rush after beauty salons were given permission to open , that this time she came to my home: we were both masked throughout btw and I followed all suggested safety measures!  I must add that the pedi is not entirely a self indulgent exercise as arthritis means that I can't properly reach my left foot toes, so I need assistance to keep them healthy and in good shape. 
As if that weren't enough excitement for one day, the next event occured Thursday night around 1am when I was woken by what I thought was a fox screaming, then possibly an angry teenager locked out by parents nearby...it went on for quite a few minutes and before Mr MC could get down to the green near our house to investigate, our neighbour made it there first and asked us to call the police and possibly an ambulance.  We still don't know exactly what was going on but cause of the noise was young girl, a teenager, who seemed to think that her back and legs were broken, but clearly they weren't. We imagine that she'd taken drugs or alcohol, or both and it is possible that she was part of one of the 'illegal highs' parties that keep happening in wooded areas around here, since the lockdown began. The police were calm and gentle with her and took her away.  We may hear more, or possibly not if she recovered quickly.
As always, writing up the morning after the day before, so that is why the story is included here.

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