By feorlean

LD 122 Out for a cockle

Well, actually out for somewhat more than that, but out anyway.

This evening we went to Inver for dinner, for the first time since New Year and for our first trip out  to a restaurant since the start of lockdown.

Everything was socially distanced of course and Rob  and  all the staff were wearing face coverings including himself and Pam.

Her food, however, was the same as ever - in fact it was even better in our view, perhaps because of the time since we had been there or perhaps because there were even more influences on view and to taste.

This was one of the initial dishes in the tasting menu -  local cockles in their own juices along with lime , served in a perfect, miniature setting.  

They (because there were two, but I had eaten my first already) were absolutely delicious.

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