It seems a few of us on here are poor sleepers, l’ve been an insomniac for about thirty years but didn’t even sleep well as a child.
I just accept it now and live with it, being retired has made it so much easier.
So l had  a heavy day in the garden yesterday and then l tidied under the kitchen sink in the evening and didn’t finish until gone eleven .
I decided to stay up until after 1am before going to bed and thought l should be able to get off to sleep.
l was still awake at 2am so put some music on low and set the timer to turn it off, fell asleep but woke a couple of times and was wide awake before 6am. 
Listened to Tony Blackburn on the  radio ( 60s music)
Got up at 8am and took the grass cuttings to the green refuse centre, no queue at this time.
Came home and have had a lazy day.
Decided to try and take a photograph of me sleeping ( well eyes closed) with the idea l would try and visualise myself asleep.
Realise l have a lot to learn when taking a selfie with the iPad and my eyes closed, so here you have my pillow :-))
Extra is my daughter on her wedding day 17 years ago today,  six bridesmaids, not my granddaughters, they weren’t even a twinkle in Mike’s eye. They celebrated by all five of them walking up PenY Gent.
The other extra is as l turned the lamp off when l went to bed, l saw two hearts reflected in the window.

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