Wattle in bloom

Gorgeous wattle about at the moment. It plays havoc with my sinuses, but is just so jolly and pretty.

We had a lovely walk with Abe this afternoon. He disgraced himself by rolling in some sort of poo. We don't want to know the details. MrB had to take his t-shirt off (he put his sweatshirt back on!) and use it as a rag to wash Abe. There was no way he was getting back in the car, dripping with poop.

Little Miss gave Abe a good scrub when we got home. He smells much better and is a bit grumpy with us.

I finished my 23rd book of the year (I've now met the goal I set myself on Goodreads). I'm looking forward to starting my 24th. I just love reading.

None of us want to go back to work/school tomorrow.

Low light - definitely the poop incident.
Highlight - the beautiful sunshine and feel good vibes on our walk.


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