A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Poppy corner

Sorry it’s poppies again. I noticed one opening yesterday but when I went out to bring in the washing a little while ago, amazingly dry due to the wind, I saw there were four. Two red, two ragged pink. One of each normal size and one of each tiny. 
Still a couple more to come including one coming up in the patio. Can’t promise this will be my last blip of them.

Quite a bit of rain again this morning and as I say pretty windy. So much so the Sweet Peas, only recently starting to flower after a late start, blew over.  I took the opportunity to cut a few.  The first cut this year, not a wide range of colour but the scent is lovely.

After another shower it’s brightening up again. Shall I go out to garden? Maybe.

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