A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


A very wet day, in fact a jigsaw day.
When I got out my jigsaw pad I was surprised that there was in fact not one but two completed jigsaws zipped in side. A 500 piece on one of the side pads and a 1000 piece on the main board. I photographed them before putting them back in their boxes. 
The one I’ve started is the last of the cheap second hand ones I’ve bought in the past from church coffee mornings. It’s rather twee, kittens and spilled vases of roses but I’m finding how tricky all those similar blue and white jugs and vases are as well the profusion of roses and kitten fur!

I have ordered a couple of new ones from Waterstones online as I’m sure there will be lots more jigsaw days to come, but I need to get rid of quite a few too.

In a brighter moment (there haven’t been many) I popped out to photograph the Calla Lilies before they are over. I’m sure I’ve blipped them before in the rain but I think the rain drops actually add something.

They say we might get summer by the end of the month but who knows how long for?

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