A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Not the ‘Happy Bench’!

First post lockdown visit to the dentist today in the next village.
My last visit back in October saw me blip the ‘Happy Bench’ nearby. (It was the second I’d seen, the other being in the St Ives Estate near Coppice Pond which has recently collapsed.)

A sign of the times that this has been changed to a ‘Food Bench’ with boxes underneath for people to make donations or help themselves as need requires.

I stood here to ring my nearby dentist to tell them I’d arrived. I was following instructions after a phone call yesterday telling me what to do and asking health questions.
The nurse met me at the door and pointed me at the wall mounted sanitiser which squirted me in the eye, with that and a mask she gave me that was far too big I struggled my way upstairs in her wake. She was wearing a mask and full length plastic apron. She also took my temperature though it took several attempts as it was reading too low!

The good thing was there was no waiting around, straight in and into the chair. Quick check and a painting with fluoride (with mask off of course) and I was done. Had to pay of course but no waiting at the desk either, just told to ring back in 3 months when they will know where they are with appointments. 
Very painless apart from paying!

Funny day. Much cooler out with a strong wind and though temptingly sunny at times driving horizontal rain showers have been very off putting forgoing anything else. Luckily I didn’t get caught in one between the car and the dentist. 

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