A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Chellow Dene

Somewhere in the Lakes or Dales? No the water in my collage is one of the two reservoirs that make up Chellow Dene on the edge of Bradford.

As it was a much better day we headed over the hill to walk in Chellow Dene. A valley between Sandy Lane and Allerton housing two of Bradford’s reservoirs. I had one of my nostalgia walks the other day around Cullingworth and today was Chris’s turn as he grew up in Sandy Lane and spent a lot of time playing in here.

Not sure if these reservoirs are still in use but there was a time when Bradford had the best network of reservoirs in the country due to their forward thinking development in the Victorian era and beyond.

We took the higher path to start with which skirts the edge of West Bradford Golf Course. Lots of people playing. Then dropped down to the end of the higher reservoir. We then walked all around the lower reservoir and back up the other side. Quite a number of water fowl on the water, including young.

A long time since either of us have been here and it was a pleasant surprise, everything looking well kept and not too busy. One of the few people we met was someone we know taking his granddaughters out for a walk.

Think we will be back to this city haven again before too long.

Spent the afternoon gardening, Chris cut the grass and we are going to treat ourselves tonight by eating out for the first time since March!

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