A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Happy Friday!

A day of the two D’s, dentist this morning and doctors this afternoon. Both outcomes fine thankfully!
It was wet first thing otherwise I might have walk up to the dentist in the next village. Passed this autumnal scene when I walked from the car and liked the colours of the flowers but I didn’t  spot the sign in the bench.
When I came out ( actually before my appt time) it was brighter and I saw and recognised the sign as the same as the one seen yesterday by Coppice Pond. There us also a little ‘Kindness’ stone there too.
Decided I would make it my blip. They are both such nice ideas and a great thought that maybe they will help lonely people to find someone to chat to, though the seat was a bit wet this morning!

First performance tonight of our play. The final dress went very well as everyone turned up!!
Happy Friday everyone.

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