Where’s our invite?

Been a long wait for today. Set up a day pass for Now TV. Checked it worked. Then we went for a mid-morning drive/walk before Bournemouth’s deciding match.

First to Penn Hill to look at a newish Italian restaurant. We would have had a coffee at the nearby baker, but as I feared it closes on Sunday. So drove up the road and parked near Ashley Cross. Walked 20mns to ‘The Dancing Goat’, pity the seating on the small terrace had been removed, so we drank our take-away coffees on a bench in the park.

A group of people were celebrating, a birthday perhaps. That’s my blip today.

Returned home, salad lunch, and then the 4pm final match of the season, Bournemouth v Everton.

We had to win, Watford and Aston Villa had to lose, in order to remain in the Premiership. Nail-biting to the end. We beat Everton 3-1 and played so well. Sadly Aston Villa drew 1-1 with West Ham. So Bournemouth & Watford join Norwich in going down.

It’s been a good 5 seasons, a miracle how Eddie Howe took the team from the bottom to the top division. I recall reading how one Chelsea player cost more than the entire Bournemouth team.

C’est La Vie. There must be many desolate souls around tonight - and in Watford (ironically where we lived previously, most supported Watford).

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