I Witness

By KangaZu

American Goldfinch ....

.... singing your praises!

As were all the birds today .... and me as well!  Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to my 10 year blipday yesterday!  I even made it to the #1 spot on the popular pages! I've said it before and I'll say it again .... you guys rock!!!

We got out early this morning to get in a walk but we still were sweating by the time we were done .... it's been another hot one today.  I jumped in the pool when we returned from Housenick Park and R soon followed. 

After lunch I did some computer work ... including responding to all your amazing comments from yesterday!  Then I actually took another swim. Now when I say swim I really mean float in the pool!  The float is usually followed by a few laps .... so I do swim but not for the entire time I'm in the pool.  

I was so surprised that this beautiful male Goldfinch landed on and then starting eating this sunflower that's right along the pool's edge.  And even more surprised that he stayed here while I got my camera and snapped lots of pictures! 

Since I will be hosting Silly Saturday this coming Saturday ... August 1 ... I have added a little something to the challenges page.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what sort of silly things you post!

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