Mono Monday.....Restricted

We have all been restricted by the corona virus, and in many ways we still are. I am restricted on a daily basis by my view from the kitchen window, it's a very small confined space opposite my neighbour ( tumble drier for over 4 hours, currently on 3rd load)
BUT, I have suddenly had a brain wave.....I could place a row of small trees in pots between us, so it would block the view and give me a much pleasanter outlook!! I wonder if that would work??
It's a ghastly day weather wise, but I had a cheering FB messaging time with M in Oz earlier....waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted, but there are several hotspots where the virus seems to be having a second wave....
I thought A Suitable Boy on TV last night was  little confusing, so much crammed into the first episode!

Thanks so much for all the responses...very much appreciated :)

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