Yesterday, you got an "overall view".  Today - a close up.  One of the smaller agapanthus, because once again the wind is blowing, and anything on a long stem is too mobile to photograph!  

We do seem to have had a lot of wind this year - our alliums are all broken and scattered.  I'm pretty fed up - I find wind quite "stressing" at the best of times, and this is not the best of times.

When I get stressed, I have "to do something" - so I've brought one of my many boxes of cross stitch magazines into the study, and am scanning the patterns that I want to keep.  There are surprisingly few - I thought I would struggle to pass on ANY of the patterns, but in fact I've only scanned a few.  Then the magazines can be offered to others.  

Scanning these magazines was mildly taxing.  I had to find a way of scanning them that enabled me to organise them into a single document of several pages (the picture, chart and key tend to be on separate pages of the magazine), and search on tags.  Initially, I saved them as a pdf file with several pages, but then I discovered that I do not seem to be able to tag a pdf file.  So instead, I saved them as jpg files - but of course, each page was then a separate file, and had to be tagged individually.  W suggested I pasted the pictures into a Word document - so that is what I have done.  This document can then be named according to the pattern, and also tagged with various labels to enable searching.  All slightly tedious - but as I said, fortunately, not too many documents saved at the moment.

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