Last year, when we created the bed near the pond, we filled it with a number of varieties of agapanthus - some moved from elsewhere in the garden, some bought especially on trips to garden centres.  

Monty Don says agapanthus do better in pots - but we have loads of developing flowers on all ours, even though they were only planted last year.  It was really difficult getting a view that showed off enough of the different varieties of agapanthus to satisfy me.  We have white, deep purple - both easily seen here, then hiding behind the pseudopanax is a variegated variety, and in the background there is one with a rather lovely pale blue flower.  There are more to come.

We also planted some knifophia.  The knifophia are generally less impressive - apart from the one that features in this photo.  Hopefully, they'll do better next year, when they have had chance to get established.

The pseudopanax trees have also done really well - two of them have put on loads of height - the third has a bit of catching up to do, but looks happy enough, and is showing new growth.

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