By Veronica


So very Languedoc. I managed to offload two big sacks of books at a book swap in Tourouzelle today and came away with only one book in exchange (plus several of my own books that S had slipped into my bags while slimming down the bookcase ...). Result! .

It';s a weekly book swap/social event, but I didn't stay long as I had to get to the DIY spot before it closed so that S could complete the toilet cleaning job he started two days ago. "It's a bigger job than I anticipated," he said ... complete new flush mechanism required. 

I also took the opportunity to visit the bio shop and stock up on flour, so now I have some baguettes on the go. After so long not baking bread I seem to have lost my touch, so we'll see how it goes ...

Still very hot ... we refreshed ourselves with an evening walk around the vines.

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