By Veronica

Cours de cuisine

Sandrine (second from right) is famous throughout the village for her tatin d'aubergines. Every keen cook in the village has been driven to distraction trying to reproduce it without success. Eventually relentless pressure over several weeks convinced her to do a Masterchef course in the placette outside our house. Nine of us made five magnificent tarts during a course starting at 3 p.m. which included preparation, resting, baking, gossiping, aperitifs, more aperitifs, admiration of the finished tarts (extra), blind judging by the mayor -- Sandrine's partner -- who to my surprise identified my tart as being Sandrine's, and finally, after a few more aperos, tasting. They were delicious. I'll definitely be serving this to guests in the future, and it will appear on my blog at some point once I have recovered.

At 8 pm (yes, five hours later), I popped back home for a Zoom with S and our friends A and B. When I re-emerged, the assembled students and partners had moved on to a second jeroboam of rosé and pizza (it's Tuesday). Eventually it got dark and we went home. New rendezvous next month for Caroline's almost equally famous tarte à l'oignon.

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