By dreaming


As forecast, it hit 92 degrees here today and it was beastly.  Poor Minkelina spent the entire day in the darkest corner well away from the sunlight.  It's the kind of day when I feel very lucky to have installed ceiling fans in my apartment 13 years ago.  Here you see a mono view of the living room fan.

I am thrilled to say that wonderful Doug got my computer working!  He opened up the CPU and used compressed air and my Dustbuster to clean and recharge the two fans inside, and now it's working just fine.  My next step will be to copy everything on the computer somewhere else safe, in case I run into trouble again before I buy a new one.  I'm not averse to getting something new, but since I just received the bill from the hospital for my surgery and hospital stay, I'd like to put off a computer purchase for a while.

I'm so very fortunate that Lex married Doug!  He is such a dear.

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