By dreaming


Today was an interesting day.  I decided to try another grocery pick-up to see if the items that weren't in stock a few days ago might be available.  Unfortunately, about half of what I ordered at QFC wasn't found, particularly the no salt added items. So I decided to try ordering from Safeway and arranged a pick-up time in the early evening.  Arriving at 8340 15th Ave NorthEAST, I realized that I should be at 8340 15th Ave NorthWEST.  That required a trip of several miles and when I got there the street was closed off by police cars.  I managed to find a back way into the parking lot and got my groceries. 

Driving out of the lot, I spotted these tents on the sidewalk just outside.  The homeless folks had chosen a shady spot that would allow them access to the facilities in the store.  It's the first time I saw tents on the sidewalk in a quiet residential neighborhood and it was disheartening.  No one should have to live like that.

Safeway had most of the items I needed, but it's still not possible to get Kleenex or toilet tissue.  I'll have to look online again.  Looking forward to seeing the twins tomorrow.

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