Cooper (Chicken) Hawk

I was outside at 7am this morning and it was already 80ºF/26.6ºC. I wasn't out there long before MiniMe came to sit with me and keep me company.

MiniMe and I were enjoying the sun and the breeze when we were dive bombed by this Chicken Hawk (Cooper Hawk). It swooped in so low that I could have reached out and touched it!  I wonder if it was deciding if either of us were worth snacking on.

The Chicken Hawk landed on a branch right above where our burn pile is and stayed there for a while.  With all the birds coming and going at the feeders I finally decided to 'encourage' him to move along somewhere else.  

It is thunder & lightening now with rain falling and so I'm going to turn lights on and do some beading.  I've said for days I was going to do some but haven't done any since I finished my Poinsettia set.

With the storms developing as they are in the Atlantic, glad I went to the store yesterday and that I keep the fuel tank in my car topped off. 

Stay home if you can, but please stay safe and healthy 

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