72 hour kit

Last night my sleep was disturbed by multiple phone calls by someone calling me because they were reaching out trying to find someone who would not judge them but just listen to them and reassure them that they had worth.

It was a very emotionally draining night but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

It almost made me feel guilty about going about my mundane daily chores today!

I went into Castle Hayne and went to Hudson’s to stock up on bird and critter food. Then it was to the grocery store to get the items needed to update/rotate the 72 hour kit.

This tote container is filled with nonperishable foods and sits in the garage ready to be tossed into the vehicle at a moment’s notice. It certainly contains more than 72 hours worth for just Kent & I but you never know if you might need to help feed another or if we’ll need to sustain ourselves for more than 72 hours.

We try to ensure the food kit is current/up to date at the beginning of every hurricane season but I’ve been late off the mark this year. I got that taken care of today.

Take care of yourself and each other XX
Happy Hump Day Everyone.

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