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By walkingMarj

The hollow tree

One of our apples trees is hollow. It looks very old and about 20 years ago the tree surgeon said not to touch it by pruning . Every year if fruits well, but most of the apples are far too high to pick. I'm not expecting to be up any ladders after my knee op this year either! 

I seem to keep very busy and I'm tired. I spent most of the morning resizing photographs for Maureen's book about the festival. A lot of the images were shot at 180 dpi but some at 72 dpi, so making them look good for printing is a bit of a challenge.

This afternoon I was desperate to sleep and I tried out my new mattress. I'm hoping this one will relive the back pain that troubles me from time to time. When I woke I was even more desperate to breathe fresh air. I walked around the garden 10 times, 5 anticlockwise and 5 clockwise. I must measure it on the GPS another day. ( I don't think I walked far.)

The new NICE guidelines say that NHS patients no longer have to isolate for 14 days before an operation. They should practise social distancing and hand washing until the Covid test which is 3 days before the operation. Then they go into isolation.

Hooray for NICE!! Perhaps I can go for a walk before the operation.

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