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Near to home

The new NICE guidelines are that you can go about your socially distance business, with frequently washed hands, and then isolate for 3 days before your operation. I don't know if my hospital is complying with these guidelines or not. I can walk in fields very soon after leaving my front door and I can stay a long way away from anyone else, so I decided to use my common sense and have a short walk.

I have never noticed this small barn before. It caught my eye from across the field and I wandered over to it. I have given it a touch of processing to suggest nostalgia!

Keeping up with all that needs to be done before the operation is a challenge and my head is spinning, rather like the plates I am trying to keep spinning above my head. I expect I'll get there in due course.

Tonight I was due to watch a webinar on colour management, but I misread the time as 6 pm BST when it was 6 pm CEST so I came in for the closing questions. Rats!

I did manage to be ready to hear the author Ken Follett being questioned in a Royal Society of Medicine webinar. I was enjoying this very much, but woke to find I had missed the last 10 minutes. Hilarious.

Life in the time of Covid 19
I was able to watch again the opening speech given by Moshe Kantor to the symposium on Monday. He described the world as being like a lorry with two wheels hanging over an abyss. The population of the world is in the cab and we need to work out how to avoid falling into that abyss. Scary stuff.

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