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By walkingMarj

Lavender Blue (or purple)?

I slept a long time last night, waking at 5.30 and then again at 8.10. I felt much better for it and more motivated to crack on with the jobs that need doing.

I have set myself a deadline of this weekend to complete the photo job for Maureen's book. Today I worked systematically through nearly all the remaining images to resize them. I have learned quite a lot about the process, something I thought I understood before.

Julie's design for the book cover is giving me a bit of a challenge because the art work is to the edge, but it's not a straight edge and there needs to be a bleed of 5mm for the printer. (Those of you who send books for printing will understand this.) Our printer is very helpful and I now have the dimensions I need to see if I can adjust the image and make it work. A white border around it was not going to cut the mustard in my view!

I packed up three lots of goods to go back to the sender for various reasons, like being too large. Jennifer and Peter are going to take them to the post office and the Hermes shop on Saturday.

Then I tried my hand at pork meatballs. I was worried that I'd made them too spicy, but they were rather bland. More spices next time. We enjoyed them and Mum could eat them, which was important. Strawberries up for dessert!

No walking today. Just a trip to the garden for my blip. We do not have a lavender field, but a large clump that grows in the wall. I've blipped it before. It's always pretty, especially in the late afternoon light.

I heard yesterday that one of my pictures is going to be the March page in next year's Humshaugh calendar. That's nice (and sorts out a few Christmas presents!)

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