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By walkingMarj

In our garden

Neither of us coped well with the heat today. By early afternoon, I had to lie down for an hour because I could not do anything. It's a good job we live where high temperatures are rare.

I made significant progress with the cover of the book. Julie's artwork consists of three pieces stuck together. I was over the moon to discover they are stuck with Blu Tack and not glue. It makes my life much easier. I can't complete the job until the book is put together and the printer knows the depth of the spine. 

I even managed to track down a photo of JP playing the part of a Steel Bonnet when we did a Reivers' walk in 2009. He popped up and surprised the walkers, forbidding us to pass. (Maureen had given me a date of 2013 for this walk, so my searches were missing the mark. By chance I found it.)  Just one missing photo now.

Mum has made a list of things to be done before I go into hospital. Thankfully it is not too long.......

This evening it rained, not long enough or forcefully enough, but it was a pleasant relief from the heat. In the garden, I spied these flowers. I can't remember what they are called and could not find them on a quick internet search. Hopefully one of you will identify them for me.

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