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By walkingMarj

Cuckoo pint

Earlier in the year, I remember commenting on just how many Lords and Ladies or cuckoo pint were growing in the woods. This one is part of a group of four in a shady corner in my garden (by the bins and the calor gas cylinders)!

I've been waiting for the berries to colour and noticed today that one berry only is red. That seemed quite remarkable which is why it is today's blp.

At home again, of course, and gradually completing tasks before I can't do them for a long time. I managed to sort out a (small) corner of the garage. The bird feed, cat rood and litter is all in order now.

I was very excited to discover that the Edinburgh Book Festival is going to be online and free. I've signed up for quite a few sessions. I will be resting for most of August - in between exercises of course - so it's an ideal time to hear some of my favourites and some new ones. It's something to look forward to.

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