By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Distortion

Bobsblips's Widwed challenge, hosted this week by Freyjad, is "Distortion".

Our long-overdue work on the paintwork on the ground floor of the house is still ongoing. The window frames are well on the way but we also wanted to improve the outer porch. This has involved stripping some very flaky gloss paint off some brickwork prior to repainting it (that took a while!) and I'm now preparing the woodwork. Whilst most of it is in quite good condition, I've come across a bit of rot, especially where water has got in around where a piece of iron railing is embedded - so you can see that I'm busy working with some epoxy filler there (since I took the photo it's been sanded down and is now looking nice and smooth).

All this work doesn't leave much time for blipping so I just grabbed the fisheye lens and took this distorted view looking up at the work.

You can just see a little of the iron railing, which I actually repainted back in 2014 - it was blipped on 21st August that year. I'm pleased to say that the paint on that is still looking remarkably good, with only a few little chips which I'll touch up while I'm busy. Clearly the zinc primer I used is still doing its stuff! It's interesting that only a tiny part of the original iron railings remains - no doubt the rest was cut off for the war effort back in the 1940s (but apparently this poor quality iron was never used!).

(Note: Our next-door neighbour, in the other half of the semi - you can see a bit of their porch too - hopefully joked, saying I could move on to do their porch too if I wanted!! Sadly I had to disappoint him, too much else to do.)

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