Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Return to the Dentist

In another minor return towards life as it was pre-Covid 08:00 this morning saw my first dental appointment since February. I'm usually a more regular visitor to the dentist's chair but that's obviously been off the agenda.

It felt safe with so many mitigations in place. My temperature was taken twice as I arrived, I was the only patient in the surgery (no waiting room) and everyone except me was wearing a visor. I knew I'd chipped a tooth a couple of months ago so it requires a bit of work. I'll be back in a fortnight for more dental fun.

I took the car although the dentist is easily walkable for me. I didn't want to arrive soaked through. More rain!! Also, for the first time in months, I was wearing shoes (not trainers, walking boots and walking sandals which have been my footwear since lockdown). Well I need to take them off straight away and get back into something more accommodating.

Luckily, given the weather, I have a lot of domestic and admin tasks so I'll keep myself occupied in the house. Then a zoom with friends tonight. Sometime exercise will happen too.

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