Willowherb on the Moss

Off this morning to take the girls out for a couple of hours and let their parents get on with a bit of work. Did the circuit of Lenzie Moss with the five year old on her bike and her one year old sister sometimes in the buggy and sometimes toddling along trying to keep up. The Moss is a nature reserve; raised peat bogs and lots of woodland. Some paths and a boardwalk have been constructed round and through it. It's boggy anyway and Monday's rain must have had an effect as there were a good number of puddles.

There are bog loving flowers in various stages of flower or setting seed and here is some willowherb doing both. It was pretty fresh when we started out but the sun appeared and it became much warmer. When we took the girls home we had a welcome bowl of soup before heading for home ourselves.

Flora doesn't know it but she is in for a big treat. For only the second time since March she's going out with her Borrow My Doggy friends for a walk. That suits me fine as I have yoga later and that'll top up my exercise for the day.

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