High Point

This is about as high as a high point gets around where we live - the top of Herd Hill just South of Kineton.  Around 4 km from home on a couple of our favourite cycle routes.  Kineton Church is just about visible through the haze over to the RHS of the image.   In the extra you can see why I like riding up here,  just release the brakes and coast down the steep side of the hill and the bike will get up to ~50kph with minimal effort,  there is a narrow bend and a farm at the bottom so any faster is risking it more than I am prepared to go for. 

Someone did try to overtake me once around the bend,  the milk tanker driver going the other way did not look impressed!  Thankfully ABS saved the day.

We pedalled over to Tysoe this morning so Gill could draw and paint in the village with an ex-colleague.   I carried on around one of our routes and arrived home before the heat of the afternoon.  I did go out again and meet Gill on the way back, but by that time sun block was definitely a good idea!

2nd extra:  We have had something of a flying ants issue recently - they had burrowed under a sundial plinth and left it leaning over,  Gill was not impressed and so very pleased to see one of the local blackbirds is taking advantage of the food source. 

Looking the other way the view is toward Edge Hill.

Very good to see the sunshine return :-)

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