Day 130 Dotty

Today's Abstract Thursday theme, set by our host Ingeborg, is 'Dots'.  I did try some shots with one of Peggys Sue's spotted cat blankets but preferred the pics of Violet's heavily sequined jacket.  I've altered the colours to make it a bit more abstract and dynamic and I think that it just about follows the brief.
Today was hot and sunny, as promised and I spent most of it indoors doing household chores.  I've spent a bit of time redressing and worrying about my most recent leg slice wound (caught it on patio step a couple of weeks back) which doesn't seem to be healing terribly well.  If it doesn't improve over the weekend, I expect I'll have to contact  the doctor, where presumably I'll just have to describe it over the phone. 

In other news:at about 9.30pm the Health Secretary announced on Twitter that all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester would be subject to new measures due to a rise in Covid-19 infections: people from different households are not permitted to meet indoors, or in private homes or gardens with effect from midnight.  The means of notification, lack of clarity and period of notice could politely be described as dotty! 

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