By Missycat

Day 131 Heatwave!

Today the promised heatwave arrived here in the UK with temperatures reaching an official 37.8°C at Heathrow.  I spent the day in the garden with Violet. assisted by The Son and Daughter #1. We had out the biggest paddling pool and while they all cooled off in the water, I read sitting in the shade.  The sunshine, as predicted, disappeared around teatime and even rained for about five minutes but it certainly didn't cool the air.  I didn't manage to take any photos with my camera until the clouds had arrived, so the light is not the best.  My main pic is another socially distancing rose, the background being the shed, which in reality is a medium shade of sage green.  My first extra is of my alternative flower Violet, who had changed out of her swimwear and put on the dress she wore to her mummy's Gatsby themed birthday party. Over that is one of my beach cover ups which turned her into a butterfly!  My second extra is a poor phone shot and I imagine other blippers will have taken much better, but it's here for the record.  The sunset was spectacular this evening and the sky was suffused with stunning deep pink.  Extraordinarily there was a rainbow here also shades of pink.  My phone camera has captured it just a bit of a streak, on the left of the shot but in reality it was stunning, as friend pics on FB showed.
In other news: my wretched leg seems to be healing at last.  S, a friend of Daughter #1, was kind enough to call by, examine it and redress it very expertly.  She has worked in a care home and has now extended her skills set considerably, working for the NHS. She was able to reassure me that there was no dreaded ulceration and I am very grateful for her help and advice.

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