Sitting room orchid

We seem to have great success for little effort with our three sitting room orchids. All we do is water them once a week on Mondays and they reward us with blooms on and off throughout the year. Currently we have two making a marvellous display. This pinky purple one is the best.

Today was my last day at work before breaking up for my summer holiday. In the other two periods of time that I have taken off since lockdown (Easter and part of May/June) I have continued to work quietly at home (mainly on writing projects that don't need the input of other people), while keeping a watchful eye on email. This time, however, I am determined to take a proper break, not least because when I return it will be the start of a new and difficult academic year, with no real prospect of a break again before Christmas.

So today I raced to finish off a pile of important tasks. These included: submitting my grant proposal; reviewing/editing two grant proposals of colleagues that are due for submission tomorrow; and commenting on a draft policy document for an international body. The most important job of all was to set my out of office email at the end of the working day.

After another Carcassonne loss for me this evening, Mr hazelh agreed to a second game which I won - hurrah!

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