By dogwithnobrain

If Paradise is half as nice

Lockdown has been tough. 

For the dynamic duo in the Far edges of the world; being stuck in an apartment block in Kuala Lumpar with no access to exercise facilities, or the beautiful, blue, cool pool below them it's been painful. 

Lockdown is slowly lifting over there; and this week they took a trip to The Perhentian Islands, off the North East Coast of Malaysia, to Petani Beach. 

I looked at it and thought, Heaven on earth. 

They were living in a little shack, on the beach.  Blue water, water dragons, turtles, the occassional shark.  Coconuts falling in their hard shells from trees,

They took Boat Taxi's to other islands to take hikes, and visit villages. 

They played volleyball with the locals on a concrete pitch in the middle of the village.  

They chilled. 

They lay on the beach.

and took pictures like this, which make me delighted that they are there, and living life to the MAX. 

(see extra for "close up") 

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