Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Alternative Olympic Games - Day 1

The day broke with loads of excitement as Team Hummie got into what can only be described as a brawl of epic proportions.  Warnings were issued.  Lectures were given.  

The other pollinators were all on excellent behavior and going through their preliminary trials without a visible flaw.  Meanwhile, Team Pondhawk's captain (Jezzie, seen here) got her nerves under control by doing some tai chi in the garden.  In spite of all manner of athletes whizzing around her, she never lost her laser focus. What a champ!

Sadly, the Judges had to issue Sanctions (the first of these Games) to Team House Wren.  In spite of having been repeatedly warned, Hezabel House Wren was caught in the act of feeding one of the tiny athletes to one of her rather badly behaved kids - see Extra.  I'm sure you'll agree that we really had no choice!

Please remember to tag your entries with #aog2020 followed by the day of the month.  So, today is #aog20201.  What are you waiting for - get your creative juices flowing and just have some good, silly fun!

In other news...I had a wonderful visit with bestie, Kura, who drove out from NYC to spend the afternoon/night with us.  We had the best time catching up, playing dominoes, drinking wine and eating way too much.  No hugs but we still had such a great time.  I haven't seen her since first week of February.  

Stay safe, people.  And be kind and loving.


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