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Horses for courses...

After last week’s Simon and Garfunkel tribute, I had a couple of requests from friends to have a bash at the cover of Patti Smith’s classic 1975 album, ‘Horses’. To them I say, be careful what you wish for!

The album, produced by the Velvet Underground’s viola playing Welsh wunderkind, John Cale, saw Smith’s emergence from New York’s alternative poetry, theatre and arts scene onto a much wider stage, and was a profound influence on the emerging punk scene, and many points beyond.

The iconic album cover shot was taken by Smith’s former partner and lifelong soulmate, the great photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who, at the time, was also on the precipice of global recognition for his work I highly recommend ‘Just Kids’, Smith’s memoir about their relationship. 

I couldn’t possibly do this image justice, but it was fun having a go! 

Here’s ‘Free Money’ from the album

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