Back on the bench

Had a lovely Saturday, just pottering around at home (what's new?)  Did a bit of cleaning in the bathroom this morning, caught up a bit on my photos, and sat outside with my laptop this afternoon to do a bit more proofreading of my friend's novel (I'm about two-thirds of the way through now).  Went out for a walk after dinner - it was looking a little gloomy, but the evening sun was just starting to break through and it was lovely by the time I got to the heath.

Slightly shocked to strike out across one part of the heath and then see a car coming towards me at high speed across the grass (thankfully not directly at me!)  I fully expected to see a police car follow after it, but there was none.  The car drove off onto the road at the end of the heath and sped off round the corner.  I just managed to video it as it did that, but couldn't get the reg number, unfortunately.

Anyway, made it to the pond alive and stalked the Egyptian geese again.  It seems this is a regular perch for mummy goose :)

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