... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Norbury Hall Park: Found Still Life

Finer feathery features in large.
Extra: Nibbling squirrel

I photographed the little little ducks (of course?), but decided to go with this macro shot to try to maintain some semblance of variety in my journal... Im and I went for a little local walk after the ducks' afternoon garden adventures, and this parakeet feather was standing up on a Mahonia leaf in a shaft of sunshine.

The ducks took some steps today: while Ida had managed to get up the ramp into their big trough yesterday, they all managed to get in today (via piled tiles, and quite a lot of leading with mealworms) AND Flügel very tentatively took (/snatched) mealworms from my fingers, which is the boldest that any of them has been proximity-wise.

Today's others are here 
(ducks right from Round waddlers waddling around; afternoon amble right from Shadowy squirrel).

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