Sunday afternoon is our Skype time with the kids.  Not the best of photos, BUT Ollie had just annoyed Kaitlyn who was in the kitchen making a cake.  That’s cake mix -:))
Bonus shot from yesterday at extra.  We had the little terror for a couple of hours while the kids were at a Thai carryout garden party with Mike and Cynthia.  Although we did have a quick hello when Pam dropped some stuff off a week or so ago, this is the first time we have seen (had) Biskit properly since March.  No cuddles though!  His tail did not stop wagging for the first half hour he was with us, then he had to rest  it for a minute or two . . .
A trifle behind with comments etc, but will catch up shortly.
Stay safe, and if you are at particular risk - ignore Bojo and his cronies, use your common sense.

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