Today I decided to play with the camera set to mono again.  I think the biggest lesson that I learnt was that our fir trees were quite a challenge to make an interesting photo out of in mono, at least on their own.  As I type I still have not made up my mind if the blip will be the closeup with the baby fir cones and the view with the fir tree at extra, or vice-versa.
I have come to the conclusion that with the camera set at monochrome the results are perhaps better than colour and converting, and that opening the raw file (with all the colour still there) in PS then whipping it out (the colour saturation that is) gives a more satisfying result than producing a TIFF in the Canon ‘Digital Photo’ program.  Of course you have a greater choice if you take the colour image and convert in PS or similar (as I used to do).  I will be playing more later.  
Many thanks to Chantler63 for hosting MonoMonday this month, and the excellent set of themes.

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