Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Normally the high flying bird swing is a men's event in the AOG.  But Frieda Finch was put in by her coach after Gomer Goldfinch broke his beak and suffered a concussion after attempting a daring new dismount in practice.  Frieda dazzled with her unique spin-er-ama which brought the spectators to their feet.  But since she was a woman competing in a men's event, the judges skewed the scores towards the lesser male swingers (darn misogynists!)  The crowd, however, went away knowing the real star of the meet was Female Frieda Finch.

I'm also posting this for mono Monday.  Thanks to Chantler63 for hosting.  I know the bird has feathers but whipped into this frenzy, she ends up as a giant ball of fur.  :-)

Today's golden voice belongs to Sarah McLachlan.
Here's one of her most well-known songs, and it's a beauty:
In The Arms of an Angel

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