Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


After yesterday's fiasco, I went back to Blackford Pond after work and got plenty of shots of little grebe parents feeding their babies, mostly terrible! Yesterday the birds were closer to the banks of the pond which is why I missed having a proper camera so much. However, I couldn't resist this baby from today.

I also caught up with the cygnets who are looking quite mature and sleek, having shed all their down. There's an extra of four of them who clearly weren't hungry any more although the rest of the family were being still fed by humans. These four seemed to be hanging around, wondering what was going to happen next. Later all six cygnets formed a flotilla and went off on their own for a while. Here's one of the cygnets from when I last saw them, five and a half weeks ago - they have certainly changed!

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