By Veronica


Continuing the insect theme, here's an ephippigère, just hanging out. I've always liked this word, difficult as it is to spell. I reckon it's a girl, due to the long ovipositor. I couldn't find a useful page in English, so here's one in French for the more dedicated among you.

S had a busy day: ping pong, MRI scan of his dodgy spinal disc, shopping. I had a lovely swim in glorious isolation. I've finished On Chapel Sands, which I liked a lot, and am now reading Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence for my book group. I'm really enjoying it, very Austen-like. Hot tip: you can buy Wharton's complete works on Kindle for 1 euro.

As S was out all day we missed lunch; there's now a pizza van in the village on Tuesday evenings, so we decided to go for that. They've been coming for a few weeks now and it's a smash hit. I think most of the population must be relying on it; we went out to order at about seven, and they already had enough of a waiting list for our ETA to be 8:15. It's a small van and the oven is just big enough for one pizza. By the time we collected ours hopeful customers were being given pizza times of 9:30. They are good pizzas too, thin and crispy.

In unrelated news, if you've managed to miss Trump's car-crash interview, here's the Monty Python dead parrot sketch turned to good use.

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