Leo has competition in goal. I spotted this pigeon taking pride of place between his goal posts.  

It was much cooler today - much nicer for plodding. I had to detour around a patch of my usual lane route as it was flooded. That was a bit of a mystery as we have had no rain and it was in a spot that never usually floods.  Will see if it has all drained away by tomorrow. I was going to just risk wet toes but it looked like I would be shin deep by the middle so I settled for the detour instead.

Ian headed off to the footie club for an evening committee meeting and came back having volunteered to act as Chairman for the next year - so he has managed to become coach, ref and now Youth Teams Chairman in the past 12 months. He is on a roll!  He may live to regret it soon as he just had to do a 12 page risk assessment in order to get the teams back to training. There are a tonne of FA rules and regulations at the best of times, but during the current crisis there will be endless amounts more. I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for.

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