So much for getting back to proper photography as opposed to phone-camera anecdotal.

I want to build a shelter in my small front 'garden' to protect my bike from rain. It can't yet be a permanent structure because when the builders start work they will need the space for rubbish. I have three wooden uprights that I've been planning to screw to the wall and for the last five weeks I have been searching for three long, light 135° brackets to attach to them, onto which I could fix some light plastic sheeting. Easy.

There are no long, light 135° brackets, not in major hardware stores, not in corner hardware stores, not on Ebay, not on Amazon (which I boycott anyway) nor anywhere I can find online. I have become a bit obsessed with 135° and seek it wherever I look. 

Yesterday I spotted a broken clothes airer outside a friend's house. Eureka! It's long (wide), it's light and it has all the angles! Today I collected it, took it apart and reassembled it in a different order. It's not yet finished, but this will be the frame to hold up the plastic to protect my bike and when the builders arrive I can very easily remove it.

And barely visible at the back, fixed to the wall, is the ancient scaffold pole I wire-brushed and painted five weeks ago and promised to show you.

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