By Veronica

Brass band

Better large on a black background.

Yes, it's the annual visit of local banda Rambal-Sagan. As you can see, lockdown mentality was forgotten for the duration. And the band, in their joy at playing live, started at 7:30, and eventually, after "Just one more ... just one more ... oh OK, another one then", stopped at about 11 pm, with two 10-minute breaks. They were absolutely rocking it by the end of the evening (blip as evidence: Bella Ciao).

There was wine and a buffet, with some concessions to gestes barrières ... the food was served rather than people grabbing what they wanted, but queuing was not exactly physically distanced. I stayed on the edges of the crowd and most of the time managed to avoid queues by means of good timing. I took lots of photos: there are a few more in a Flickr album. I like the after-dark ones best because they convey the atmosphere of "Sod Covid, let's enjoy ourselves." After the banda had finally gone, someone got the sound system out and they partied to French rock till 2 a.m. outside our windows, but I don't mind, it's only once or twice a year.

See also: this day last year.

Earlier in the day I had an assignation in a supermarket car park to collect some English sausages and bacon from an Irish lady who makes them herself. They make a nice change, I buy enough to put some in the freezer. I took advantage of it to do a bit of shopping for our upcoming adventure.

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