Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Rosie, Guardian of the Flower

I know I Blipped this Ismene yesterday, but by this morning a second flower had opened and I knew that there was a good chance that someone would creep round the house and steal my lovely bulb. So I asked the cats if either of them would volunteer to guard the flower and Rosie agreed. She tried a few poses and facial expressions and this set-up seemed to work best. She promised that if anyone should as much as sniff my flower she would give them a good scratching! 

In the meantime I'd been to the Walled Garden and then Glen Lonan where I had a picnic by the river before going on to the polytunnels - I took a quick picture of the rippling water and have just given it a touch of 'Auto Smart Fix' in Photoshop and the result is today's extra! I did a bit of weeding on my veggie bed, planted a couple of tomatoes and sowed some carrots. When I came home this afternoon the Ismene was still there, so I was pleased to see that the plant protection strategy had worked! 

Quote of the Day:

Miguel de Cervantes – “Those who'll play with cats must expect to be scratched. “

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