By Teasel

Evening Walk

We were woken by the alarm this morning.  I had that sinking feeling – that I was back to being stuck in the house in front of my laptop.  TT wasn’t too keen to get logged in either.  We both had to bite the bullet and get on with it.  As expected there were hundreds of emails waiting to be dealt with. I started to work my way through them, but didn’t get too far.
I had a catch up meeting with a colleague, which was helpful in bringing me up to date.  Later another colleague who is now on leave called to brief me on the past couple of weeks, as she hadn’t sent me a handover note.  I felt a bit guilty about taking up her time, as we had real connection problems and ended up being multiple calls.  Tomorrow, I will continue working through my in box.
I barely moved from the kitchen table today, so went for a long-ish walk this evening.  It was a lovely evening, but it feels like autumn could be round the corner.
A view from my evening walk.

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