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This is Rosie, today she came and cleaned out my pond. It's only a wee pond about 2m x 1m and half a metre deep. In the past I've cleaned it out myself, but this year I just couldn't summon up the energy so I arranged for somebody to come and do it for me.
She did an amazing job, and gave permission for this blip. She was here for around three hours and hardly stopped. The fish all survived and we can now see them in the water. The various pots and things you can see are all for the fish to hide in, around or under... , they've never looked so noticeable before. I didn't take a good 'after' fishy shot, I'll save that blip for another day, but you can see the clarity of the water in the extra. You can also see that she dramatically cut back my clumps of iris. I hadn't realised just how bad it had all become.
Today was cooler and dull, it didn't rain till late afternoon and the promised thunder storms never materialised. I popped down to Homebase looking for a replacement net for the pond without success. I did manage to talk down the price of a 'no longer at its best', Hydrangea Paniculata, by over 2/3 though, so that was a good result.
Eilidh came for lunch and the afternoon as Jon starts nights tonight and needed a sleep. She was in good form and enjoyed watching the pond works. When I took her home at tea time, Isobel, who'd been at nursery, was most put out that Eilidh had been here without her. The upshot is that they are both, and Kathryn coming for lunch tomorrow. Lovely to be so popular.
I had given Isobel a small doll last week, when saying thank you today, she commented that she had called her Phoebe. 'That's nice,' says I. 'I call all my dolls Phoebe', was the rejoinder!!! Apparently the dolls all have a group name change every week to whatever is the current favourite!
My Cursillo reunion group Zoomed this afternoon. Its always good to meet them, it gives me such a boost.

Keep well everybody. Glad to see the upward trend in new cases has stopped. It's good to see so many people masked up. Those who aren't are very much in the minority. Hopefully it won't have to be for too long.

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